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This wonderful, hidden park is one of the real treasures of the Carpinteria Parks Department.  Many locals don't even know this is here!

There are wonderful walking trails, vegetation restored as close to its natural state as possible, spectacular views and a real sense of privacy.  You can usually see seals and sometimes dolphins in the water.  The birds are numerous and varied.

Early explorers observed Chumash Indians building their large ocean-going canoes, called tomols, along these banks.  You can still see the natural asphaltum oozing from the rocks (and all over your feet if you're not careful).


The thing we love the most about this park is you can start here (on middle to low tide), walk along the beach all the way to the Salt Marsh Estuary and back.  It's about a two mile walk on clean white sand (except for the occasional spot of tar, but you get used to that pretty quickly) and probably one of the most beautiful anywhere.

This park doesn't have any facilities to speak of, unless you count the benches placed strategically along the way for gazing at the Channel Islands and abundant wild life.  However, the State Park borders it.

Directions:  From Carpinteria Avenue, take Concha Loma Avenue to Calle Ocho; park at the end of Calle Ocho and walk across the railroad tracks to the lookout point.